What is Financial Planning Jobs?

A: Financial Planning Jobs is a service from the publishers of Financial Planning Today designed to help employers and recruiters easily post jobs aimed at Financial Planners, Paraplanners and Wealth Managers.

What happens when a job is posted?

A: Depending on the listing you choose, your job is advertised for up to a month on the site. If you choose the Featured Listing your job is featured more prominently in the Featured Section and is also eligible to be listed on our Jobs Alert newsletter as Job of the Week.

How many people will see my vacancy?

A: Approximately 7,500 professionals visit Financial Planning Today website each month and Jobs are featured prominently on the home page. Many of these will see your vacancy. All jobs are also Tweeted several times to 7,000 Followers and are listed regularly on our daily e-newsletters sent to over 3,500 subscribers and on our weekly Jobs Alert email sent to 2,600 people. Jobs are also sent to anyone who requests updates on new jobs from the site.

What type of jobs can be advertised?

A: We particularly focus on qualified Financial Planners, Paraplanners and Wealth Managers, especially Chartered and Certified professionals. However, all types of roles within an IFA or Financial Planning business can be advertised including those for IFAs, Financial Advisers, Administrators, Business Development Managers, Wealth Managers and so on. You can choose to advertise your role in several sections if you wish.

How do I post my vacancy?

A: Click on Sign Up. Set up an Employer Profile with your company logo and then Post a Job. It should take only a few minutes. You can choose the type of listing you want when you post a job. If you are a new Employer then we will check your details and once confirmed your job will be posted.

What does it cost?

A: Click on Pricing for details. All prices are clear and subject to VAT. Payment by card is easiest and keeps the paperwork down.

Do you have any tips for my job posting?

A: Keep the job title simple in the Subject line and include the salary or salary range, if possible, in the Subject Line or add DoE (depending on experience). In the job description provide key details about the jobs, the benefits to applications and the types of qualifications you are looking for. Always include the town or areas you are based in. A name and email address or phone number also helps.

What if I need help or have an issue posting a job?

A: Email us at jobs@portfoliopublishing.co.uk or ring 01895 346490. We'll get back to you quickly to help.

I run a recruitment agency, can we book a block of vacancies every month. 

A: Yes you can. There is a listing package for recruitment agencies which you can select. If your needs are more complex or you require a higher number of vacancies you can contact us on the details above.

I am a job seeker, can I sign up to receive job updates?

A: Yes,  just click Sign Up and then click on Job Seeker to add your details. You'll receive regular updates on new jobs. Add your CV if possible.

There are lots of job sites, what's different about yours?

A: We are the only job service specifically aimed at the Financial Planning and Paraplanning professions. Our media are read by nearly 10,000 people a month so your job will be promoted widely to committed professionals who value our journalism and engage frequently with the site.

Are there any discounts offered?

A: Yes, for a limited time you can use code FPJ17 or FPJ20 to receive 20% off the Featured Listing